Best 60cc Chainsaw Review & Buyer’s Guide

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.”

When I was a kid, was wondering what the heck US President Abraham Lincoln means by that statement. Years later, I realize that it is all about the value of preparation and how the right tool can make a big deal.

If you are a professional logger, then I think you can relate to the quote strictly.

In the logging industry, a 60cc chainsaw is one of the best tools to speed up the logging, clearing, farming, and cutting of woods.

As a professional logger, you should have a clear idea about the market’s best 60cc chainsaw And if you are in a fix among lots of options, then be with us for a few minutes.


We will share the great features of the 5 best chainsaw products. Moreover, you will get an idea from the review about what factors to consider before buying. And we’ll try to cover up all your confusion and questions.

So let’s dive into the vital part.

Our Top Picks Quick Summary: What is the Best 60cc Chainsaw for the Money?

Best 60cc Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood: Husqvarna 460 Rancher
“A versatile chainsaw which ensures optimal performance in the field.”
Best 60cc Chainsaw Ever Made: Echo CS-590
“An excellent cheap 60cc chainsaw with perfect control and comfort.”
Best 60cc Professional Chainsaw: X-Bull Chainsaw
“No matter its pruning or felling, you can easily rely on this quick start chainsaw.”

Best 60cc Chainsaw Worth Paying For


When it comes to 60cc Chainsaws, there is a bunch of specification and designs. That’s why before you decide to invest, check out our list of some of the best 60cc chainsaws.

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher 60cc Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 rancher chainsaw is the tool that will make your life optimized.

You heard that right!

Their power tools are engineered for optimal performance. A robust all-round saw comes with an impressive amount of longer bar.

Husqvarna’s 460 Rancher is the perfect answer for landowners and part-time users who demand a reliable, responsive workmate at their hand.

Is Husqvarna better than Stihl?

This is the tool that allows the user to tackle the projects with confidence. Want to see how it works right now? Let’s take a closer look:


With a 3.62 Horsepower engine, this tool delivers a solid performance for all-round projects. On the other hand, 20-inch guide bar and chain mean you have a tough gear for the toughest job.

What about speed?

You will enjoy 9000 rpm maximum power speed. The 2-cycle engine has best-in-class safety features. Yep, the inertia-activated chain brake will keep you secure while working.

Chain quality

What is really cool is that the automatic chain oiler offers a consistent supply of bar and chain oil so that there is no waste on fuel.

And that is pretty incredible, isn’t it?

The chain quality keeps it ahead from the rest of the others. A plain, side-mounted chain tensioning system let the user allow for easy chain adjustments.


The handle is built in such a way that it can meet all the needs of the professional tree care industry. The top handle design gives the user the freedom for ease of pruning.


The LowVib anti-vibration system
SmartStart technology
The quick-release air filter facilitates


Bar and chain oil are not included with the saw

The Husqvarna 460 chain can kickback, which may lead to serious injury. That’s why we are not suggesting to use it unless you have a good skill in operating a chainsaw.

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2. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf 60cc Gas Chainsaw

You want a tool that starts instantly, runs smoothly, and offers years of trustworthy performance.

Does it sound like you?

Then we got something for you. Achieve perfection Echo chainsaw with this no matter what project you need to get done.

Is Echo a good brand chainsaw?

Echo is a beast! These saws are the perfect combination of maneuverability and thickness.


The 2-stroke engine has even gotten better by merging with the Pro-Fire® ignition system.

The result?

Smooth operation & quick starts. And that’s one of the main mottoes of Echo products- offering a hassle-free life. 59.8cc Engine Displacement is more than enough to cover most running projects.

Designed with a G-Force engine air pre-cleaner, this tool is a super powerbomb in a compact package.

Chain quality

Originated from Japan, Echo never compromises quality.

Like all ECHO products, this one is also built with professional-grade components so that you get the highest value from the bucks you have invested in it.

The chain is developed as renowned Japanese build standards- a Super lightweight design with tremendous power.


Anti Vibration Handle means the user doesn’t have to worry about kickback which is a pretty common problem for chainsaws. This feature makes it a beginner-friendly power tool.

A super light top handle makes it easier to carry.


The best power-to-weight ratio
Vibration reduction technology
Includes safety tips


No warranty

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3. COOCHEER 20″ 62CC Gas Chainsaw

COOCHEER 20 inch 62CC Gas Chainsaw

If you are a newbie or landlord, then you should try the CS5900 model. This high-quality cutter comes with imported grade steel with wear resistance facilities.

As a prominent chainsaw brand name, coocheer is famous for professional chainsaws to cut small logs of woods, limbs, and saplings.

What makes this tool so unique?

The 6.5 kg weight machine has an average cutting speed of 10,000 RPM and 2800-3000 RPM for idling. So you can easily add any oak, source, break, birch type hardwood trees to its wrath.


Coocheer CS5900 has 3 kW power motors, which offer you excellent performance with less fuel consumption. The 2 cycle engine provides you with a high-level power with a low kickback chain.

Its body is made of ABS plastic, and it runs with Gasoline and two-cycle oil (25:1). It claims to consume less than 20% fuel. There is a gear-driven automatic oiler that balances the bar and chain by lubricating the parts.

Chain quality

The CS5900 has a supreme quality chain with 5 times more warranty than any typical chainsaw. There is a super air filter system that extends the lifespan.

Here you will get a 20-inch bar with a 27-33 inches diameter. This large bar is sharp enough for any considerable size logs. And the bar comes with a guide cover that protects the blade from being blunt. At the same time, the cover will save you from any accidental injuries/ breakage. Coocheer 60cc chainsaw has the #1 crown for its ergonomic design.


If you are new to this profession, then the total procedure may seem risky to you. So I suggest using CS5900 because their hand is non-slippery and provides a balanced grip. The handles are slide free, which is good to reduce the machine shake.


Easy to start
Safe to use
Good for beginners


Generate less power

4. HUYOSEN 18-Inch 60CC Cordless Gas Chainsaw

HUYOSEN 18 inch 60CC Cordless Gas Chainsaw

Huyoson brand manufactures high-quality products with professional hands which ensure you a convenient and safe service.

Famous for their durability, The 60cc chainsaws are product is one of the best-selling items of its storm series. You can cut a pine tree within 10 seconds with the 60cc displacement. At the same time, there will be a safety guard to protect you from any accidental incidents.

And guess what?

You can start the machine with a few easy steps and start your task with adequate safety. This portable but rugged construction-based device is suitable to carry.


An engine is the heart of a chainsaw, and Huyoson offers you a 1.9 kg power and an 8 ampere motor with astonishing speed. The electric motor will give you continuous performance. The chain oil machine helps retain the quality of this 2-cycle 60cc gas engine.

The 18 inches sharp bar with 72 drive links allows you to cut different sizes of limbs. You can use both gasoline and two-cycle oil in their 550 ml fuel tank, which will be affordable for you. Besides these, Huyoson has a 3000 RPM. We hope now you can imagine how ergonomic the design is!

Chain quality

There is an adjustable chain that comes with the device. It is mainly automatic and lubricating, which allows a smooth operation.


There is a comfortable slide free from the handle, which prevents any slipping from the hand. On the contrary, the handle is shock-free, so you can say it is safe to use in any environment.


The assembling process is easier than others
A beginner-friendly start
Suitable for residential use
Have a fast thermal design


Runs on gasoline
The pull cord is complicated to handle

5. X-Bull 20 Inch 58cc Gas Chainsaw

X-Bull 20 Inch 58cc Gas Chainsaw

As a professional logger, you know that a high-speed engine like X-bull is essential for fast working.

Am I right?

Here you will also get an air carburetor, which can give you a smooth cutting facility.

The most significant reason for using the machine is to prevent dust from coming into your device. And the automatic oiler also protects the blade. So it is a product that is worth the investment. A larger fuel tank of 260ml is another plus point for the X-bull chainsaw.

Their safety valve throttle switch ensures your full safety while cutting any hardwood or huge size wood log.


An X-bull chainsaw comes with a 2-stroke 58cc engine. You will find these two strokes have multipurpose functions. Moreover, the 20-inch bar is gasoline fuel-based.

Chain quality

This saw has an outstanding performance-based chain. The line comes with an auto chain lubrication with an adjustable and integrated oil feed system. The chain brake balances the overall weight of the performance of the machine.


The item has limitations, and that is their handle as there are no slide-free options, so you should be very careful with the grabbing techniques.


Best for immense power
Price worthy
Maneuverable and easy to use
Vibration-free performance


Not flexible

What to Consider When You Buy a 60cc Chainsaw?

Best 60cc Chainsaw

Well, chainsaws have been in use for a long time. Nowadays, companies update their battery life, weights, size, prices, etc. And I know how irritating it is to compare among 100 products as a beginner.

So I thought of sharing my experience with some essential factors you should consider while buying the best chainsaw.

Guide bar length

Guide bar length especially indicates how sharp the blade is. It also signifies how quickly the machine can cut large pieces of wood. The 16- 36 inches bars are good to use for general purposes.

First, identify the guide bar length and choose at least 2 inches longer than wood. It helps to save time and yourself from injuries.

Engine power

The power of chainsaws is one of the significant issues. Here you find the term cc, which means cubic centimeter. The CC indicates the piston drum volume of the engine. So the higher the cc is, the higher power your chainsaws get from a bigger piston.

Battery power

Most of the chainsaws have Lithium-ion batteries and Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad). Lithium ones are pricey and suitable for factory use. But if you have a minimum budget, then go for Ni-cad batteries. They are cheaper, durable, and useful for small projects.


The US consumer safety Commission reported that every year a minimum of 27000 accidents, including lacerations in arms or hands, occur due to chainsaws. The chains or kickbacks can also be dangerous for the chest and head. So ensure that your machines have an automatic chain brake to prevent these kickbacks.

Final Cut

People say that if you are going to the style field, then go with your sharper sword; in the same way, we like to tell you that choose your chainsaws wisely.

Try to choose one option.

Among all the options, the 60cc chainsaws will be an excellent weapon for you. And if you are planning to buy it, then don’t forget to check the suggestions in this review.

What is the highest-rated 60cc chainsaw?

Besides all these, the Echo CS-590 is our still hot favorite as the best value 60cc chainsaw. I have no doubt that you will get an overall idea about the market’s best 60cc chainsaws.

Have a nice day!

FAQs on 60cc Chainsaw

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