Pole Saw vs Hedge Trimmer: What are the Similarities and Differences?

As an arborist or a garden keeper, you must have some specific tools in your shed that will be helpful during hedge trimming, cutting of tree branches, and limb pruning. A pole saw and a hedge trimmer is must-have garden tools for every lawn keeper or garden enthusiast. The only thing is that people used to compare pole saw vs hedge trimmer in terms of their functions and uses. This is burst down to the fact that most people think that the two garden tools can be used interchangeably in the garden.

If you’re here to find out which is more suitable for your garden tasks, then read on! We’ll be shedding some light on which is better for different tasks in a garden. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the features, benefits, pros, and cons of each tool. That’s not all! You’ll also get to know if you can use a pole saw as a hedge trimmer or a hedge trimmer as a pole saw. Let’s roll!

Pole Saw vs Hedge Trimmer (In Detail!)

Trimming becomes a very much different task when the trees and shrubs have grown to a substantially large size. Garden tools like a hedge trimmer and a pole saw are the needed tools for making your pruning and trimming tasks easier.

Many gardeners and arborists have been asking if they can use a pole saw and a hedge trimmer interchangeably, but the two garden tools are unique and are used for different tasks. Nevertheless, we’ve heard of people who were tricked by the resemblance of these tools to using one for the other.

Fortunately, you may decide to use a pole saw to trim hedges, but the task outcome will be poor and ineffective. Truly, hedge trimmer and pole saw are somehow comparable in their builds but they carry out distinct tasks.

Whether you’re pruning tree branches in your backyard or trimming hedges in your garden, knowing the distinctions between these two garden tools will help you pick the right one for your task. Below, you’ll find a comparison table of pole saw vs hedge trimmer to better your trimming and pruning experience.

Comparison Table – Pole saw vs Hedge trimmer

The table below contains the differences between a hedge trimmer and a pole saw.

ParametersPole SawHedge Trimmer
TaskCutting and pruning tree branches and limbsFor trimming bushes and hedges
CostMore affordableSome models are quite expensive
VersatilityHighly versatileModerately versatile
AdjustabilityEasily adjustableNot adjustable
Reach limitExtended reachLimited reach

Overview of Pole Saw

Gardeners and arborists use a pole saw to cut or prune high tree branches and limbs. Pole saw is designed specially for overhead outdoor tasks, so you’ll find it difficult to use on the ground level because of its long pole. So, what are pole saws? These are garden tools attached to a long pole to cut down high tree branches and limbs. You’ll find many pole saws in the market with different sizes and shapes.

The good thing about this tool is that it comes with an adjustable pole that can be extended to your preferred length. Some models are powered with a battery, gasoline, or electricity. A typical pole saw has a basic unit comprising a powerhouse (engine), a small sharp blade, and a long pole. You’ll find pole removable function in some models which offers you a chance to use a handheld tool at some point.

Pros of Pole Saw

  • Quite affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Quite easy to operate and maintain
  • High height reaches above the ground
  • Highly versatile


  • Not ideal for trimming tasks
  • Can’t be used in wet conditions
  • Weight concentration on one side

Uses of a Pole Saw

  • It can be used to trim large bushes
  • Great for tree pruning
  • Ideal for cutting down thick branches
  • Some models can be used to yield a handheld saw
  • Delivers an extended reach above the ground, thanks to its adjustable pole
  • Pole saws are highly versatile because of their compatible attachment

Overview of Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a garden tool designed like huge scissors used for trimming shrubs and hedges. If you want to clean up the unkempt shrubs and hedges in your garden, the hedge trimmer is the best option. Hedge trimmers are either powered electrically, by gasoline, fuel, and battery, or they can be powered manually as a hand-operated hedge tool.

The main reason for using a hedge trimmer in a garden is to tidy up unkempt hedges and shrubs. There are different sizes of hedge trimmers in the market and the size of your working environment should determine your preferred size for the task. We won’t recommend manually powered hedge trimmers as they require a lot of time and work to complete a task. Powered hedge trimmers are advisable as they are more effective and require less effort to complete a task.

A powered hedge trimmer has a basic unit containing a powerhouse (motor), handle, and blade. A typical hedge trimmer features comfortable handles handguards, vibration, debris shields, and sound dampeners, and many more. Lastly, we’ve seen a comparison between pole hedge trimmer vs hedge trimmer. This comparison is widespread because pole hedge trimmers provide an extended reach for trimming tasks.


  • Handheld trimming option
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to maintain
  • User-friendly
  • Less weight concentration


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited reach
  • Not ideal for trimming which branches and twigs

Uses of a Hedge Trimmer

  • Hedge trimmers thrive in shaping bushes
  • Comes with a portable design
  • They have accurate blade design for effective and efficient trimming
  • Some models of these trimmers can work on tall and thin grass

Can You Use a Pole Saw as a Hedge Trimmer?

Partially, yes! We’ve seen people use a pole saw to trim hedges. But the truth is they didn’t get an effective and efficient result and the whole task looked very sloppy and rough. A pole saw might be comparable with a hedge trimmer, but they carry out specific tasks. Once you know the difference between these tools, it’ll be easier for you to pick just the right one for your tree pruning tasks.

Can You Use A Hedge Trimmer as A Pole Saw?

No! You can’t use a hedge trimmer as a pole saw. The hedge trimmer is designed to trim light, super thin twigs, and hedges. You can possibly compare the grooves of tree branches with the leaves of a hedge or bush.

Final Words – rounding it up!

After seeing the advantages, disadvantages, differences, and similarities between pole saw vs hedge trimmer, you should now know that you can’t use a hedge trimmer in place of a pole saw. Both of these garden tools have distinct features and functions.

If you want to trim hedges and shrubs in your garden, go for a hedge trimmer. However, if you want to cut down or prune high tree branches and limbs, we recommend that you choose a pole saw. We’ve reached the closing chapter of this blog post. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the pole pruner vs hedge trimmer comparison. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks.


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